In the process of redesigning the site.


Also here is a couple screenshots from a side project I started based on some concept art I found (shown below).


This is the concept art I am basing it off of, more of the artist's work can be found here.

Been busy.

Been pretty busy working on an indie game with some people called Due Process making some environment stuff for them. I'll post some stuff I've been making for that when I can get some good shots of them.

In addition my friend and I have been working on a game ourselves but it is in no state to be shown to anyone at this point in time, it's pretty early on and i'm doing all the programming for it at the moment ( i'm not a programmer so it's slow going ). Once I have some I can show from that i'll be posting it here as well.


Also I want to redesign my sites layout pretty soon here because I am not a fan of how it is right now.

Started a new environment since I lost the old one. Set up the layout in World Machine and threw it into CryEngine to test it out.

Only about an hour of work into it, only have the height map and overall diffuse so far, so still a bit to go before I can start populating the terrain.


World Machine Render

In Engine

In Engine

Attempting to make some terrains using World Machine and CryEngine. I don't have much experience with either so they are kind of rough. I still need to go in and paint the high detail texture with normal maps in CryEngine though.